Skylar & Plux Challenge Maps


Unreal Engine, Perforce


Solo Project


Level Design, Environment Design, Set Dressing, Lighting


3 Weeks


The goal of this project was to create 3 challenge maps for the game Skylar & Plux made by Right Nice Games.

The assets and mechanics were already implemented so my job was to create the levels, design the environments and set-dress.

The level i put the most time in I called Forest Trip. It is set in a mysterious and abstract forest.

The finish line can be seen from the start point.

Enemies guarding the house entrance.

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Design Goals For The Level

1. Guiding the player: This was going to be a challenge map with medals you could earn depending on how fast you were. Therefore i felt the player should know from afar what to expect next and be able to plan ahead quickly.

2. Challenging and fun: I wanted to make a level that felt challenging but not frustrating.

3. Environment & feel: Below are some of the photos I took that would inspire this levels lighting, environment and feel. Some of the objects in the photos also made it into the level which i will show further down.

Photos I took that inspired the level Forest Trip

The First Thing You See (Guiding the player)

When starting up the level you see a big bouncy mushroom ahead of you and the path and lights are guiding the player there. The difference in grass height is telling you where the path goes. I put a lantern with a point light a bit further to the left to let the player know that the level path is going to turn in that direction after your first jump. I tried to have this kind of guidance mindset throughout the whole level.

Shortcuts (Challenging and fun)

I decided to add a couple of ways to speedrun the level. The routes require more skill from the player and will probably not be executed perfectly on the first try but when you make it, you save time and hopefully feel excited about it. In the first picture i only had the laser gap to the left from the start. But as people play tested the level I felt it was to punishing since it requires a perfectly timed long jump. So I decided to add the platforms to the right that would get you forward but in a slower pace.

Fast or safe?

Maximizing the swing to land on top of a platform for a shortcut.

This path became and unexpected shortcut from one of the play testers.

Blocking out the level

Before set dressing and lighting the level I started by blocking out all the platforms to get a feel of the level flow and adjust distances for swings and platforms. This is how the level looked blocked out with just a little art added to get a general feel.

Climbing Trees & Jumping Logs (Environment & Feel)

Skylar climbing a tree in the level.

The photo I took earlier in the course that inspired this.

Skylar jumping on logs avoiding lasers.

The photograph I took earlier in the course that inspired this.

Final Leap Of Faith

& Final Thought

The player is faced with a huge rocket jump with a massive drop to the ground below, this jump hopefully gets you to the final swing node that can take you to the finish line. Meanwhile on your left and right there is canons exploding, shooting heat seeking missiles at you.

At the start of this Level Design course we got out and photographed and looked for inspiration in nature, we made paper top down levels inspired by Skylar & Plux's mechanics and then we did these challenge maps as the final assignment. I really enjoyed the whole course and look forward to doing similar things in the future.

The Other Two

One of the other levels I made I called Lava Ascend and is a big lava mountain that you have to conquer. Along the way there is dangerous falling lava rocks, enemies and challenging platforming.

Finally I made the level Puzzle Cloud which is a bit more laid back experience. Here i challenge the player to think a bit more. The player has to stop and look at their surroundings to reach their goal.