Lucy In The Sky

Point-and-click Puzzle Adventure game


Unreal Engine, GitHub, Miro, Discord


3 Game Designers, 3 3D Artists, 2 Programmers


Level Design, Puzzle Design, Game Design


4 Weeks


Lucy In The Sky is a point-and-click adventure game set in a surreal fantasy world where obstacles and enemies change depending on the time of day.

The goal of the game is to complete all levels and puzzles on the way towards the top of the tower in as few days as possible.

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My Contributions & Thoughts Behind It

Level & Puzzle Design

For this project i worked mainly with the level and puzzle design of the game.

We figured out that the puzzles could be structured in 2D.

So we thought we could start out with level ideas in Miro. To the right is the feature list we did, these feature post-its would work as ‘puzzle pieces’.

We then started putting together level ideas that later could be implemented in engine. This felt like a very efficient and fast way to start working. Below are a couple of the levels I did in Miro and then in engine.

First Level in Miro

In the first level we wanted to show the player how the basic mechanics worked without having to explain it with info text.

First Level in Engine

Start screen and first level play trough.

Level 5 in Miro

In this level I wanted the player to plan ahead before moving. You have to switch the day/night cycle at the right steps to not fall down or get crushed. And also there is some back and forth stepping to get past the moving creature in the end.

Level 5 in Engine

This level is a bit higher up the tower so the breakable floors makes it feel a bit more exciting walking across them.

Final Level in Miro

Here i wanted the level to feel like a real challenge and also combine some of the puzzles presented in earlier levels in one big final level.

Final Level in Engine

The final level before getting to the top of the tower.

Music co-lab

The music in the game is made by a music student from Brazil who i got in contact with. I handled all the meetings and ideas about the music with him. The main idea was to have a looping track that got built upon the further up you got in the tower. This was made with different layers looping in the background that got switched on with triggers in different areas of the game. It came out nicely and i really enjoyed the collaboration. Here is the track with the layers added along the way.


I worked with the camera together with the other designers. I mostly worked with the splines trying to get a good angle for the levels and a smooth transition between levels. We had the camera attached to a spline following the player in each level. When moving to the next level the camera switches to another spline and moves around from a to b. It is then attached to the spline for the next level.

Top Of The Tower

& Replay value

When you reach the top of the tower you are presented with a final sunset view and end credits. I suggested we could fade into a painting shader that one of the artists had been working on that initially we wanted to have in the whole game. (We removed it after some play testers thought it made the game to blurry). So instead we added it to this final scene and to the start screen as well. I think this came out nicely, and tied together well with the painting we got as inspiration for this project.

Since it is a fairly short game we wanted to focus on the replay value of the game. Puzzles in levels can sometimes feel like a one trick pony so we added the days played variable. This was presented to you in the final scene with a medal added according to how many days you spent climbing the tower.