Local Multiplayer Party-Game


Unreal Engine, Perforce, Discord, Trello


3 Game Designers, 3 3D Artists


Level Design, Set Dressing, Music, Scripting


2 Weeks


Baby-Con-Troll is a local multiplayer reverse hot potato battler. The battle is set in a small forest arena with growing mushrooms and teleporters.

To stop other players from getting a hold of the baby you can punch them to make them drop the baby, throw the baby at them to stun them or escape in different ways around the level.

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My Contribution & Thoughts Behind It

Level Design & Set Dressing

For this project I was in charge of the main level of the game.

This was a fairly short project so we had to get started with most parts immediately after the core idea of the game was decided. The talented 3D artists started making assets and i started putting them together in the main level.

This was a work in progress throughout the whole project. I started out with a very simple simple area with just tress blocking out the size of the level. As the project progressed i added materials made by artists to the ground, teleporters, growing mushrooms and elevated objects to the level. As the project and mechanics progressed and we started play testing things had to constantly be changed, moved and resized.

Main level early stage

Close up of finished level


Since we had the baby that could be thrown and would bounce all over the place it was very important that all the collisions were working in the level. I did a lot of adding, testing and resizing of collisions so there wouldn’t be a problem that the baby would disappear or get stuck somewhere in the level.

Level Elevation

To make the level feel more alive we decided to add some elevation. These areas also works as hiding and escape places for the players. For example we have the growing mushrooms that would give a player that has control of the baby the chance to enjoy a safe haven for a short period of time. I played around with adding a big moving rock that would smash down and block the players path from time to time, but it was taking up to much of the view for the player since the camera is fairly static.


The teleporters is another way for the player controlling the baby to escape from the other trolls. When the teleport asset was done I implemented them into the level and made blueprints for teleportation and visual feedback.

The player gets sent to another random teleport. The random teleportation made it impossible for other players to wait for the player on the other side.

All teleporters had a blueprint for visual cues that showed if they could be used or not. The wooden doors opened and closed with a level sequence player. Teleport sounds were played. The fires outside the teleport being used was enlarged to indicate were the teleportation happens and also the fire was put out when the teleporters could not be used.

In The End

For me music and atmosphere is a very important part of any game. As a final thing I made the music for the menu and main level. I wanted to create a mysterious and eerie feeling. I tried to make it fit with the artstyle and level. In the video you can hear the menu and main level music.